About us

Changing the world of work – we make you fit for tomorrow today.

We develop and strengthen the transformation capability of your organisation – and inspire the people who work there to do so.

Founding member
Jessica Calaminus  

Founding member
Ralph Detert  


CULTURE IN COMPANY ROCKS was founded in 2016 – initially with a focus on developing a culture. As is often the case when something is working well, we quickly developed into a company with extensive consulting services. We now work as a limited company with an experienced team of consultants, coaches and trainers – and across borders. With many years of experience in top management and personnel management in corporate groups and SMEs. 

In this way, you benefit both from the diversity of our approaches and from the combination of sound management and HR expertise. In addition, we have the competence to integrate methods and approaches from the new forms of work (New Work) specifically into any transformation process. 

What sets us all apart is our human interaction, our ability to inspire, and our palpable empathy and appreciation.


We are certified facilitators for LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY®, a facilitated process that combines the benefits of playing and modelling with LEGO® bricks with the serious concerns of the business world. In LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshops, for example, workshop participants develop new business strategies, they develop or optimise teamwork, or they analyse crisis situations and develop solution concepts for them.



We are certified coaches for the LINC PERSONALITY PROFILER (LPP), which is a new approach in the field of personality analysis and  development. An online tool based on the most psychologically sound model – BIG 5 – which creates a highly differentiated profile of character traits, motives and competencies. 


Company Succession

We are a member in the UNZD, a federal network of experts that support companies in their succession plans. This support relates to the succession in the leadership of the company, the sale of the company, or a combination of both. www.unzd.de