Jessica Calaminus

Jessica Calaminus

After her traditional studies in business administration with a focus on organisational theory and international management, Jessica Calaminus went straight into HR and was responsible for HR development in a fast-growing, internationally active company in the fashion industry for two years. In the following years, she worked as HR manager for 75 executives and approx. 1000 employees in Munich and Berlin.

For her, appreciative leadership and communication are basic preconditions for good, sustainable relationships, life-oriented work and long-term economic success.

Of interest for her work at CULTURE IN COMPANY ROCKS: Jessica's great strengths are clarity and the diversity of her working methods and approaches. She rapidly reduces and structures complex subjects and processes to the essentials in order to derive suitable fields of action and decision-making scope with her clients and customers. She skilfully and consciously accompanies development out of the comfort zone - professionally, humanely and eye-to-eye.

„As a business coach and HR consultant, I support people, teams and organisations in change processes. In practice, this means for me creating spaces to get to know people better, to understand connections and to create a better and long-term successful collaboration based on development. In doing so, I promote an attitude that sees change not as a "project" but as a constant that needs to be shaped for the future."



  • Several years of experience in the field of personnel development (training and development, conception and implementation of development measures, training of in-house trainers)
  • Many years of experience as HR manager (focus: Recruitment and development of executives, implementation of a sustainable leadership culture, collaboration with employee representatives, health and demography management, new work).
  • Self-employed Business Coach & HR Consultant at CALAMINUS Coaching & HR Consulting
  • HR Interim Management
  • Shareholder & Managing Director of CULTURE IN COMPANY ROCKS GmbH
  • Full Commercial Qualification
  • Master Trainer (in-house qualification)
  • Systemic coach (DBVC-recognised)
  • Specialist instructor for impact techniques
  • Authorised process facilitator for the INQA audit "Sustainable Corporate Culture"
  • Online moderator for communication processes in groups & teams

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