Holistic consulting for
transformations within companies

We support organisations
that want to shape the future through people.

CULTURE IN COMPANY ROCKS enables people in organisations to integrate their transformation processes into their daily work in a goal-oriented and competent way.

The integral model: Our consulting approach for a new and sustainable orientation

A look at the four quadrants shows what stage a company finds itself in its development and what the next steps could be. Structures and processes, leadership behaviour, culture of cooperation and inner attitude (to name but a few) are continuously developed towards a vision of the future. 

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How we support you in the following areas:

Personality Development

Human Resources Development

Development of a Culture

Organisational Development

Example projects – a look at what we achieve


Our client is an IT specialist for the real estate industry. The company bundles portals with vast reach and powerful software for the real estate industry. The company is one of the pioneers in its industry and was founded in the 1990s. The company currently employs around 600 people in Germany.

Our client's challenges:

  • Continuous development and growth lead to new team and management constellations.
  • An agile understanding of leadership should be established and thus self-organised teams should be promoted and developed. The company regarded and continues to regard a feedback culture at eye level as essential, independent of hierarchies. Up to now, feedback has tended to take place from the top down and has been based on a classic understanding of leadership.

Top management wants to bring transparency into the area of leadership, identifying strengths and areas for development for both the organisation and the leaders themselves. The supportive and concrete feedback should come from the bottom up from the managed teams. 

The assignment included the design, implementation and monitoring of a feedback process that:

  • creates a corporate culture at eye level
  • supports a feedback culture at all levels
  • crates transparency in leadership behaviour
  • helps to understand feedback as constructive and self-evident for further development
  • serves the further development of managers
  • introduces employees to feedback at eye level and at the same time enables further development.
  • Design of the process, which is oriented towards the goal
  • Preparation of internal communication with managers and employees 
  • Preparation of a tool-assisted preliminary assessment
  • Design and moderation of team workshops, in which constructive feedback on the strengths and possible development areas of the respective manager is worked out by the own team and directly handed over.
  • Professional preparation of the results for internal use
  • Helping the manager through a follow-up interview
  • Analysis of the derived development fields for the organisation
  • Strengthening of feedback at eye level independent of hierarchies or positions

  • Further development of the feedback competencies of all participants (managers and employees)

  • Transparency about leadership strengths and potentials in order to be able to make concrete development offers

  • Teams grow together through an open, mutual exchange


With us, you can successfully develop your company, make your corporate culture fit for the future and enable the people in your company to tap into their potential.