Organisationen entwickeln – Menschen bewegen.

Systemic organisational consulting for sustainable and holistic development

Away from automatism, towards reflection – this will make your organisation's system more sustainable, successful and efficient.

Even medicine has recognised that just treating symptoms only brings short-term success. But even though there is often little time for in-depth root cause research in this field, we are here to do just that. We look together with you and illuminate all relevant elements in your overall system.

In doing so, we support you in questioning ingrained routines and patterns - and thus transforming existing "brake blocks" through development processes as well as strengthening what has proven itself. Speaking of strengthening: We also focus on strengthening and developing your managers. After all, they should be able to make substantial decisions in the interest of the organisation and also sometimes have the courage to take an I'm-against-it position.

In this way, our systemic organisational consulting creates sustainable learning and experimentation spaces and supports your transformation processes in iterative learning loops.

How we can support you

In addition to holistic organisational consulting, we also offer small modules for initial impulses:


with the integration of Agile methods

Time scope: defined by the client


"Theory U" according to Otto Scharmer

Required time: 1.5 h with Q&A


M&A: "Selling a Business - When, How, and How Never?"

Required time: 1.5 h with Q&A


The external director in the family business

Required time: 1.5 h with Q&A