Our consulting approach – the integral model

The solution often does not lie where a problem becomes visible.

In our work with companies, we use the integral model to continually realign them and make them fit for the future. In doing so, we compare the current state of the company with its vision for the future.


A look at the four quadrants shows what stage a company finds itself in its development and what the next steps could be. Structures and processes, leadership behaviour, the culture of cooperation and the inner attitude (to name but a few) are continuously developed in the direction of the vision of the future. 

The added value of our consulting lies in taking all quadrants into account in order to obtain a complete picture of the organisation and to enable holistic further development – the most important success factor for companies in the dynamic environment of today’s world. 


In practice, the causes and thus the solutions to a problem often do not lie in the quadrant in which it first becomes apparent. Thus, the reason for non-functioning processes often lies not in the process itself, but in the corporate culture. At first glance, the connection between cause and problem is not necessarily logical, which means that the wrong things are tweaked time and again. The professional and holistic-systemic approach of our consulting leads to sustainable further development. 

We draw from a comprehensive pool of effective methods for transformation processes in every quadrant. In doing so, we integrate several years of management experience in companies into the practice of our consulting. 

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