For Start-Ups

Typical challenges for start-ups include:

  •  Limited financing horizons create additional time pressure in the implementation of the already ambitious business plan. Financing as well as liquidity planning and control tie up management capacities.
  •  Finding and retaining employees requires a certain kind of motivation – one that is driven by a desire to be creative rather than by status, salary or security. 
  •  Initial entrepreneurial success brings immediate growing pains. What used to work as and when needed now needs structures and processes. 
  •  While affiliation with the company is initially determined by commitment and loyalty, as the company grows, the professional and leadership skills of the employees play a more decisive role. This results in tension between a "family system" and a "business system".
  •  In the start-up phase, a lot of energy is spent on the external presentation of the company, less on building a formal structure. This inevitably becomes a problem at the latest when hiring new employees and during further growth.  

How we can support you

The following solutions have proven themselves in practice with our clients and have enabled sustainable further development. Ask us for references or take a look at a sample project further down this page.

Personality Development

Human Resources Development

Development of a Culture

Organisational Development

Example projects – a look at what we achieve


Our client is a highly innovative start-up company with strong implementation capabilities in the field of software development for mechanical and plant engineering. The company recently went through an investment process and was able to secure the long-term commitment of a strategic investor, ensuring the company's continued development for the foreseeable future. In 2020, the company broke even and in the current financial year 2021, the ambitious targets for returns will be achieved. 

Our client's challenges:

  • Extreme pressure to innovate due to development orders from strategic key customers
  • Competition for qualified workers in the field of software development
  • Growing pains: Things that used to work as and when needed now require structures and processes. New employees have to be integrated and trained, which is difficult due to time pressure. 

The founders saw their team overwhelmed by their own success at the time the contract was awarded. Orders were acquired which on the one hand catapulted the company further forward technologically and on the other hand tapped into new major customers with enormous future potential. The time pressure caused by the projects led to a decline in coordination and cooperation within the team and to the emergence of a silo mentality, which was detrimental to the quality of the work results.  When a key employee quit in the middle of the project, the company as a whole was in danger of failing. 

  • Develop a basic attitude and understanding that collaboration is the basis for success.
  • The factual tasks at the level of organisational development (meeting formats) should be solved in a participatory manner. This promotes employee loyalty and the sustainability of what has been achieved. With this approach, communication and conflict skills are trained.
  • Being or becoming aware of one's own leadership responsibility, also in the corresponding communication to one's own team (reflection of one's own leadership attitude, one's own understanding of leadership)

Design and implementation of 4 workshop days with key employees, accompanied by individual coaching sessions between the workshops, on the following topics:

  • Focus on transformational leadership
  • Development of new formats for meetings
  • The role(s) of the manager in a time of change
  • Basics of communication
  • Types of conflict, conflict cycle and conflict roles in relation to effectiveness & restriction
  • Feedback on self-perception and perception by others in the group
  • A common understanding among the employees about the way to the goal
  • A new sense of belonging as the basis for success
  • The development projects were successfully completed within the schedule agreed with the client. This resulted in follow-up orders. 


With us, you can successfully develop your company, make your corporate culture fit for the future and enable the people in your company to tap into their potential.